Welcome to Sapphire Hovawarts, a quality breeder

Our house is a harmonious blend of humans and, as a quality Hovawart breeder, both Hovawart dogs and puppies. We live in our beautiful capital of Washington D.C., a city with a lot of hidden gems. Our dogs enjoy exploring all around our home, and we frequently make trips into Maryland and Northern Virginia in search of new adventures.

Our humans go by the names Michael, Hedda, Jonah and Felix. Hedda, who grew up in Germany, had her heart set on adding a Hovawart to her family long before moving to the States and any additional humans. Following a visit to their first Annual Breed Specialty of the American Hovawart Club in 2003, the family welcomed 8-week-old Brighton all the way from Washington state.

Our Hovawarts are Brighton vom Treuen Freund and Darynn vom Edelstein. Brighton is now an 11-year-old male and a loving soul. Though independent, he likes knowing where every member of the family is. Our 4-year-old female Darynn joined us from Germany at nine weeks and enjoys cuddling up for petting as much as possible.

All of us enjoy hiking the C&O Canal, in Rock Creek Park and along other trails in and around the D.C. area.