About the Hovawarts Dog Breed

About the Hovawarts breed

The Hovawart is a rare breed with origins in the Black Forest region of Germany. This European breed is one of oldest recorded, depicted in art and on tapestries dating back into medieval times. A truly unique type of dog, Hovawarts are often compared to sapphires: a true jewel among the breeds. And like sapphires, Hovawarts are beautifully shaped and are renowned for their distinctive colors.

The sapphire has long been a symbol of nobility, sincerity, faithfulness, truth, consistency and peace. These qualities all aptly describe the Hovawart as well. Some people belief that the sapphire has the power to influence the spirits - The Hovawart certainly influences the human spirits by entertaining and challenging them. Hovawarts are also known as an excellent family dog, a quality guard breed and for longevity.

The sapphire is the next hardest mineral after the diamond. While the Hovawart is also a tough dog, it is also very sensitive and does not respond well to harsh treatment. To achieve its true beauty, a sapphire stone must be meticulously cut and faceted in a well-planned manner. Likewise, for the Hovawart develop to its full potential, it requires time, planning, patience, consistency and skill. In ancient times, a gift of sapphire was regarded as a promise of loyalty, purity and honesty. The gift of a Hovawart truly can be regarded as such.

Are you ready for a Hovawart?

You are IF:

  • You AND your family are excited and committed to this new family member.
  • You are permitted to own a dog in your home.
  • You don’t mind some paw prints or dog hair around your home.
  • You’ll be able to deal with your dog in a civilized and humane way and the needed patience after he/she takes a doggy bath in dead fish, dead rabbit or another “appealing” odor.
  • You will exercise your dog daily, physically and mentally.
  • You are willing to accept that at times your Hovawart will behave in a manner as if he/she never learned what you are asking, which could even be during the obedience trials.
  • You don’t expect your car to be free of dog hair or odor.
  • You consider yourself ready to live with a Hovawart: patient, level-headed, consistent, and smarter than your four-legged friend, especially when the ‘doggy look’ hits.
  • You are aware of the fact that the Hovawart likes to be with his/her human(s) and you are planning your days and vacation with respect to this.
  • You understand that your Hovawart will be running the show if you don’t.
  • You like the outdoors.
  • You know that a Hovawart is not a kennel dog.
  • You are able to afford food, toys and vet bills.
  • You acknowledge that the Hovawart develops much slower than other dog breeds. and you are willing to live with adolescent behavior for an extended period of time.
  • You are willing and prepared to think outside the box to outsmart your Hovawart.
  • You don’t expect your Hovawart yard to be perfectly manicured.

If all of the above describes you, then you and your family you might be ready for a Hovawart. If not, though, it’s not the end of the world. It’s better to be realistic and find a better match than adopting a Hovawart and have an unpleasant wake-up call. Either way, we hope you will end up with the right match.

Painting by Benno Adams (1869) Hundefamilie mit altem Gaul Dog Family with old steed
Painting by Benno Adams (1869)
Hundefamilie mit altem Gaul
Dog Family with old steed