About Us

Quality Breeders of Hovawart Puppies

Training Methods: Naturally Reared

We use only positive and humane methods to train our dogs and raise our puppies. We expect the same from our puppies’ adoptive families. The Hovawart is a very intelligent and sensitive breed. They are very open to new things and with positive reinforcement, positive associations and clicker training, they can excel in their job.

Quality Breeders: Our Philosophy & Mission

We strive to breed and raise healthy, beautiful and sound Hovawarts with as little exposure to chemicals as possible. Our naturally reared dogs are fed a raw diet and our puppies will be weaned with a raw diet as well. Early socialization is as important as a healthy diet. Puppies will be raised inside the house so they will get socialized to household noises and commotion.

Hedda, Michael and Felix Garland live in Washington D.C. with their two Hovawarts. Jonah is in college and visits during longer breaks. Hedda is a certified professional dog trainer and knows about the importance of socialization and mental stimulation for puppies. She grew up in Germany and moved to the mid-Atlantic east coast 18 years ago. Knowing the Hovawart from Germany, she had planned to add one to the family as soon as possible, which happened in 2004 with Brighton. It took a few more years for Darynn to move in and later help Hedda achieve her certification at Karen Pryor Academy.


From the beginning, the puppies will be handled on a daily basis and in specific ways to get them used to having their paws, ears, mouth, tail and entire body examined. We also incorporate BioSensor Stimulation. All puppies are being exposed to a variety of noises, like vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, alarm clocks, TVs, phones, lawn mowers, blow dryers, etc. Once they are old enough, they get to meet a lot of people of all types, with strange objects like umbrellas, backpacks, canes, wheelchairs and crutches. While playing outside, the puppies have a chance to explore a variety of toys like trucks, balls, slides, stuffed animals, etc. We help them discover a variety of different surfaces and textures, like wooden floors, carpet, PVC, grass, tarps and more. The wider exposure our puppies have to a broad variety of stimuli, in a controlled environment, the better they will adapt to new situations they are going to encounter in life.We’d like to send puppies off to their new homes with the best preparation they can have at that age:

  • optimal physical health
  • sound mental health
  • socialization foundation
  • an appetite for more adventures

All puppies will be accompanied by a Puppy Socialization Passport, which records all of the experiences of each puppy. Every puppy will have basic crate training experience and introduction to clicker training and handling.